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Habitats Week (6/17 - 6/21)

We all know that fish love to swim and birds love to fly, but the sky and the ocean are only two among the many habitats that exist on our precious planet. Perhaps with a little help from representatives of each habitat, we can learn a little more about what makes them so unique and what happens when the delicate balance nature has created is turned upside down!

Please note, there is no camp Wednesday, June 19th.

Castles Week (6/24 - 6/28)

Hail and well met, traveler! You've arrived just in time for the coronation of the King and Queen of the Woodland Realm. We are excited to usher in their long reign as sovereigns... Now if we could just find their crowns... You wouldn't happen to have seen them, would you? We're sure they were here just a moment ago…

Alien Planets Week (7/1 - 7/5)

Calling all Sci-Fi fans!  Representatives from the Intergalactic Federation of Planets are making their way to Princeton, NJ and we want YOU to be there to join them.  Learn about these unique alien planets and share the culture and customs of your own homeworld, wherever that might be.

Please note, there is no camp on Thursday, July 4th.

Superheroes Week (7/8-7/12)

Calling all superheroes!  Though we thwarted the Phantom Camper's evil plan to turn our beloved campgrounds into a Phantom Camp last summer, it seems this villain is still at large and more determined than ever to take over camp.  The Director is calling upon the aid of superheroes, sidekicks, and heroes-in-training alike to band together and stop the elusive Phantom Camper once and for all.

Fairy Tales Week (7/15 - 7/19)

Once upon a time, fairy tale characters recognizable and obscure gathered together in the woodland realm of Princeton Friends Summer Camp to tell their stories and settle their differences.  But what will happen when there is only one Prince Charming amidst several princesses?  Or when the three little pigs and Little Red Riding Hood band together to confront the big bad wolf?  We cannot say for sure, but we certainly hope this tale will have a happily ever after!

Music Week (7/22 - 7/26)

Long-time camp special guests Timmy and Suzy are back to introduce us to the hottest genres, artists, and songs from their favorite playlists. You likely won't have heard anything like it before (trust us). So warm up those vocal chords and add Music Week to the queue!

Greek Gods Week (7/29 - 8/2)

Zeus and Hera are at it again, settling their mighty squabbles as only two gods of Mount Olympus can: by hosting some Olympic Games!  But who will side with Zeus and who will side with Hera?  Come join us on Mount Olympus for an event you won't want to miss!

The Body Week (8/5 - 8/9)

Each one of us is a complex being made up of myriad systems and pieces that must work together in order to benefit the whole, and the Left and Right Brain are here to make sure everything runs smoothly.  But though the eyes may know how to blink and the lungs know how to breathe, we don't always know whose body we're in.  So join us as we seek to solve this mystery using the clues around us!

Pirates Week (8/12 - 8/16)

Yo ho ho and a bottle of... water!  Though most pirates are scoundrels and scallywags, the crews that sail the Spicey Seas are more into the pirate aesthetic than any actual pillaging or plundering.  Nevertheless, we gather to share tales of the high seas and perhaps even a sea shanty or two during this most piratical of weeks.