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Welcome to Craig N. Sellers, Our New Head of School

Craig brings to PFS decades of experience as a teacher, administrator, fundraiser, and head of school at several different institutions, including Friends schools. As a Quaker himself, he believes in the lifelong skills and values that a Friends education provides, and has seen how children use those gifts to create a better world. He is excited to "build a graceful and sturdy bridge" to PFS's future.

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Welcome to Devin DeShields, Director of Admissions

Devin is an experienced admissions leader known for building community while creating and implementing strategic initiatives in enrollment management. He has over a decade of experience teaching, coaching, advising, and leading at multiple levels of education. He is excited to contribute to this tight-knit community, lead with the guidance of Quaker values, and interact with current and prospective students and families daily.

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“To teach in a manner that respects and cares for the souls of our students is essential if we are to provide the necessary conditions where learning can most deeply and intimately begin.”

- bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress

  Name Title
Abby Botts Botts, Abby School Counselor and Secondary School Placement Coordinator
Jessica Carabelli Carabelli, Jessica Beginning School Advisor
Allegra Ceci Ceci, Allegra Lower School Science and Gardening Teacher
Mary D'Amore D'Amore, Mary Registrar
Devin DeShields DeShields, Devin Director of Admissions
Amanda Detherage Detherage, Amanda First and Second Grade Teacher
Barbara Downing Downing, Barbara Business Office Manager
Suzy Dwyer Dwyer, Suzy Librarian, Social Studies Teacher, and 6th-8th Grade Advisor
Silvia Estrada Estrada, Silvia Spanish Teacher and 6th-8th Grade Advisor
Dylan Fruh Fruh, Dylan Art Teacher and 3rd Grade Advisor
Michelle Haque Haque, Michelle School Nurse
Jessica Hurwitz Hurwitz, Jessica First and Second Grade Teacher
Nicholas Kirchhoff Kirchhoff, Nicholas After School Program and Substitute Teacher
Samantha Kirkenir Kirkenir, Samantha Schoolhouse Manager
Freya (Fangyuan) Liu Liu, Freya (Fangyuan) Mandarin Teacher
Mallory Luck Luck, Mallory Learning Support Coordinator and 4th-5th Grade Advisor
Patrick Lynch Lynch, Patrick Science Teacher and 4th-5th Grade Advisor
Melissa Marinari Marinari, Melissa Social Studies Teacher and 6th-8th Grade Advisor
Kyle Maryland Maryland, Kyle After School Program and Substitute Teacher
Susan Miller Miller, Susan Admissions Assistant & Special Projects Assistant
Saurora Mirkin Mirkin, Saurora English Literature Teacher and 4th-5th Grade Advisor
Stephanie Morris Morris, Stephanie 3rd Grade Advisor
Luke Nilsson Nilsson, Luke Director of Facilities
Kofi Obeng Obeng, Kofi Director of Student Life
Bhumi Patel Patel, Bhumi Math Teacher and 4th-5th Grade Advisor
Daniel Potter Potter, Daniel Music and Math Teacher, 6th-8th Grade Advisor, and Educational Technology Coordinator
Eleanor Rock Rock, Eleanor 1st Grade Assistant Teacher
Craig Sellers Sellers, Craig Head of School
Donald Stryker Stryker, Donald Property Manager
Amanda Tally Tally, Amanda Beginning School Advisor
Courtney Zakolski Zakolski, Courtney Director of Summer Camps and Auxiliary Programs
James Zimmerman Zimmerman, James After School Program