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“To teach in a manner that respects and cares for the souls of our students is essential if we are to provide the necessary conditions where learning can most deeply and intimately begin.”

- bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress

  Name Title Contact
Abby Botts Botts, Abby School Counselor and Secondary School Placement Coordinator (609) 683-1194 x60
Courtney Braconi Braconi, Courtney Director of Summer Camps & Auxiliary Programs (609) 683-1194 x40
Jessica Carabelli Carabelli, Jessica Beginning School Teacher (609) 683-1194 x56
Melissa Carroll Carroll, Melissa Head of School (609) 683-1194 x13
Barbara Downing Downing, Barbara Business Office Assistant (609) 683-1194 x17
Suzy Dwyer Dwyer, Suzy 6th-8th Grade Advisor & English/CS/History Teacher (609) 683-1194 x33
Silvia Estrada Estrada, Silvia Spanish Teacher (609) 683-1194 x52
Dylan Fruh Fruh, Dylan Art Teacher (609) 683-1194 x18
Michelle Haque Haque, Michelle School Nurse 609-683-1194
Jessica Hurwitz Hurwitz, Jessica 1st Grade Advisor (609) 683-1194 x23
Samantha Kirkenir Kirkenir, Samantha Schoolhouse Manager 609-683-1194
Patrick Lynch Lynch, Patrick 4th-8th Grade Science Teacher & Cross Country Coach (609) 683-1194 x37
Melissa Marinari Marinari, Melissa Spanish, Central Study, & History Teacher (609) 683-1194 x31
Kyle Maryland Maryland, Kyle ASP & Substitute Teacher (609) 683-1194 x28
Susan Miller Miller, Susan Administrative Assistant (609) 683-1194 x57
Saurora Mirkin Mirkin, Saurora 4th/5th Grade Advisor & English Teacher (609) 683-1194 x46
Stephanie Morris Morris, Stephanie 3rd Grade Advisor (609) 683-1194 x42
Kofi Obeng Obeng, Kofi Director of Student Life 609-683-1194
Todd Paige Paige, Todd Math & Outdoor Education Teacher (609) 683-1194
Bhumi Patel Patel, Bhumi 6th-8th Grade Advisor & Math Teacher (609) 683-1194 x47
Daniel Potter Potter, Daniel 6th-8th Grade Advisor and Music & Math Teacher (609) 683-1194 x30
Eleanor Rock Rock, Eleanor 1st & 2nd Grade Assistant (609) 683-1194 x23
Sarah Slaiman Slaiman, Sarah Director of Advancement (609) 683-1194 x32
Jerry Smith Smith, Jerry Property Manager (609) 683-1194 x70
Don Stryker Stryker, Don Property Manager (609) 683-1194 x29
Herve Thomas Thomas, Herve Registrar and School Technologist 609-683-1194
Melody Tung Tung, Melody Mandarin Teacher (609) 683-1194 x71
James Zimmerman Zimmerman, James ASP Coordinator (609) 683-1194 x28