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Student Life at Princeton Friends School is a dynamic process focusing on self-expression, self-empowerment, and embracing the imperfect. Students are encouraged to explore their interests or develop a passion by joining an elective or even creating a club. Our service learning and outdoor education programming provide real-world applications of stewardship and democratic citizenship. Students cultivate a supportive and joyful community through advisory programming, group projects, community engagement, and casual lunchtime conversations.


We believe:

All students possess curiosity, enthusiasm, and the capacity to learn.

Learning is most effective when explored with depth over breadth.

All voices must be honored.

Interdisciplinary, experiential learning is a cornerstone of authentic learning.

Multi-age groupings benefit all learners and enhance academic outcomes.

PFS students are encouraged to be leaders and advocates for themselves and others. The classroom provides opportunities to practice ethical collaboration and decision-making by learning to build trust, take responsibility, and foster mutual respect. In addition, the arts, outdoor education, P.E., and the clubs and electives program offer opportunities for students to serve in leadership positions, whether leading quietly by example or with more visibility. 

PFS programming is designed to develop leadership and character skills aligned with proven practice and Quaker values. We foster in students an empowered sense of identity, avenues for self-expression, and reflective scholarship. In addition, our DEI and SEL work supports students’ ability to understand their place in and impact on local and global communities.