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At Princeton Friends School, we believe in play of all kinds. In the Beginning School through 2nd grade, children spend a great deal of time outdoors at the playground, on the swing set, and in the woods. Through unstructured playtime, supervised and guided by their teachers, they develop skills in running, climbing, swinging, and ball play. Regular, formal PE instruction takes place about once a week in the lower grades, with third graders and above scheduled weekly into two 40-minute classes, often in mixed grade groupings. Throughout the PE program, the focus remains on individual skill development, team play, and having fun.

In addition to the formal PE program, students enjoy many other opportunities for physical activity at PFS.

  • Folk dancing is a long-standing tradition at PFS. Students are invited to participate in all-school dancing on Friday mornings and join the Dance Club that meets at lunchtime once a week.
  • Once a week arts elective offerings provide exposure to different forms of dance, such as body percussion and salsa, and other physical activity such as futsol and martial arts.
  • Our cross country team meets twice a week to practice and compete in a number of meets with other schools.
  • Through the PFS Enrichment Program, students may register for an after-school soccer clinic to learn and hone the basic skills of the game.