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Mystery Week (6/20 - 6/23)
The theme for this week is a closely held secret known only to Courtney and Nick... and they're not telling!  Could this be a fan-favorite, like Greek Gods Week?  Or the return of a theme from decades past, like Dinosaurs Week?  Or maybe even a new theme entirely?  To find out, join us for Week 1!

Please note, there is no camp Monday, June 19th.

Enchanted Forest Week (6/26 - 6/30)
Shh...  Do you hear that?  The flutter of fairy wings.  The ring of a gnome's pickaxe.  The belch of an ogre.  The forest is full of hidden surprises the closer you look.  But what happens when the enchanted creatures of the forest come together in a single place?  Will they clash, or are they capable of setting aside their rivalries in order to achieve a common goal?

Movies Week (7/3 - 7/7)
Take your seats, take your seats!  The first 2nd Annual Spicey Awards are about to begin.  Famous directors, actresses, prop masters, and stunt-doubles have been hard at work all year and are eager to show off their blockbuster hits for a chance to win a coveted Spicey.  Will you be among the lucky winners?  Grab your popcorn and join us for Movies Week!

Please note, there is no camp Tuesday, July 4th.

Superheroes Week (7/10 - 7/14)
Calling all superheroes!  Despite our victory last summer over the Phantom Counselor, it seems the villain behind it all - the Phantom Camper - is still at large and more determined to take over camp than ever before.  The Director is calling upon the aid of superheroes, sidekicks, and heroes-in-training alike to band together and stop the elusive Phantom Camper once and for all.

Witches and Wizards Week (7/17 - 7/21)
Abracadabra! Marlin the Mediocre and Morgana la Fay are back to cast some spells and learn a bit more about the schools of magic practiced at PFSC. From magical sports to transfiguration to potion making, it's sure to be a magical time!

Music Week (7/24 - 7/28)
Long-time camp special guests Timmy and Suzy are back to expand our horizons and introduce us to the hottest genres, artists, and songs from their favorite playlists. You likely won't have heard anything like it before (trust us). So warm up those vocal chords and add Music Week to the queue!

Wild West Week (7/31 - 8/4)
Yee-haw!  It's time to attend a town hall meeting in Quaker Gulch as we seek to elect a new mayor.  Decisions must be made, and every voice matters.  So saddle up your horse and gallop on over to the wild west!

Legendary Kingdoms Week (8/7 - 8/11)
Hail and well met, ye denizens of distant kingdoms!  Gather 'round, one and all, as we meet to exchange knowledge about the fantastical kingdoms of our realm, share customs and traditions with one another, and perhaps make a few friends along the way.

Pirates Week (8/14 - 8/18)
Yo ho ho and a bottle of... water!  Though most pirates are scoundrels and scallywags, the crews that sail the Spicey Seas are more into the pirate aesthetic than any actual pillaging or plundering.  Nevertheless, we gather to share tales of the high seas and perhaps even a sea shanty or two during this most piratical of weeks.