Week 1 (6/21-6/25):  Movies
Take your seats!  Take your seats!  The Second 1st Annual Spicey Awards are about to begin.  Famous directors, actresses, animators, and stunt-doubles have been hard at work all year and are eager to show off their blockbuster hits for the chance to win a coveted Spicey.  Grab your popcorn and join us for Movies Week!

Week 2 (6/28-7/2):  Wild West
Yee-haw!  It's time to attend a Town Hall Meeting in the newly established state of Quaker Gulch.  Decisions must be made, and every voice matters.  So saddle up your horse and gallop on over to the wild west!

Week 3 (7/6-7/9):  Enchanted Forest
Shh... Do you hear that?  The flutter of fairy wings.  The ring of a gnome's pickaxe.  The belch of an ogre.  The forest is full of hidden surprises the closer you look.  But what happens when the enchanted creatures of the forest come together in a single place?  Will they clash, or are they capable of setting aside their rivalries in order to achieve a common goal?

Week 4 (7/12-7/16):  Myths and Legends of Camp
A new twist on an old theme.  For the first time ever, the unique myths and legends born from 29 years of summers at PFC come to life in our woods.  Perhaps Chaleesi, our infamous fate-determining goblet will pay us a visit in her mortal form.  Perhaps the Skittish Buffalo will be spotted between trunks of distant trees.  And what of that pesky Tripping Root?  If ever there was a week to dive deeper into the traditions of PFC - and maybe create new traditions - this is the week!

Week 5 (7/19-7/23):  Pirates
Yo ho ho and a bottle of... water!  Though most pirates are scoundrels and scallywags, the crews that sail the Spicey Seas are more into the pirate aesthetic than any actual pillaging or plundering.  Nevertheless, we gather to share tales of the high seas and perhaps even a sea shanty or two during this most piratical of weeks.

Week 6 (7/26-7/30):  Music
A camp tradition continues!  The greatest composers of the modern music scene come together to share and learn about a wide variety of musical styles from the past and present.  So start those vocal exercises and get ready to join us for Music Week.

Week 7 (8/2-8/6):  Witches and Wizards
Abracadabra!  The time has arrived for the most knowledgeable and skilled witches and wizards in the land to come together.  Merlin has left behind one final spell, and it will take all our combined powers to bring it to life.  Grab your magic hats and mount your broomsticks as we see what final trick Merlin has up his sleeve.

Week 8 (8/9-8/13):  Greek Gods
There is never a dull moment when the deities that reside on Mount Olympus sit down for a family meeting - joined by their mortal followers, of course.  Tensions and arguments cannot help but surface, but perhaps a family game night may be just the thing to help the gods and goddesses relax and unwind...

Week 9 (8/16-8/20):  Superheroes
Calling all superheroes and sidekicks!  There is trouble afoot in our most beloved campgrounds, and it will take a truly super team to stop it.  Will you heed the call?

Art Camp
Our Art Camp program will explore various mediums, styles, and artists inspired by the weekly theme.

Drama Camp
Drama Campers will write, rehearse, and perform a play in one week, using the weekly theme as a starting point.

Kungaloosh! Camp
Kungaloosh! Campers will work together to create costumes, props, and special Village projects while role-playing characters in Community and around camp.  This is a program intended for veteran campers who wish to more-fully immerse themselves in the theme.
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