Summer Camp

Weekly Themes 2020

Week 1 (June 15th-19th) Movies
Join famed film auteur Orson Scorsese as he gathers the best and brightest young storytellers to pitch their new ideas for the next great cinema classic.
Week 2 (Jun 22nd-26th) Witches and Wizards
Merlin has received a challenge from Morgan Le Fey and has called witches and wizards of all types to come to his aide as he conjures up a week of fun and adventure.
Week 3 (June 29th-July 2nd) Wild West 
It’s an election year in the quiet town of Quaker Gulch. Will Mayor Dirk Gumption serve for another term or is change in the air? Make your voice heard as we debate the pressing issues of the time, such as twine shortages and gem rushes. No camp July 3rd.
Week 4 (July 6th-10th) Myths and Legends
There are stories of mythical creatures and legendary figures from throughout the world and we’re calling them all together here in Princeton. Join us for this wacky week and we learn the true difference between a Yeti and a Sasquatch and the mysterious connection between the Loch Ness and Quarry monsters.
Week 5 (July 13th-17th) Castles
King John has been presented with a mysterious quest that will require the assistance of all the kingdom’s guilds. What could be so important as to require help from the barbers, blacksmiths, farmers, and everyone else? Whatever it is, we’re certain the kingdom of Quakeria is ready to meet the challenge.
Week 6 (July 20th-24th) Music
A camp tradition continues! Franz Flibberdeejibber is once again working with the greatest musicians and composers of the modern music scene to learn about a wide variety of musical styles from the past and present. We will host our annual Music Week Concert on July 23rd, so mark your calendars now!
Week 7 (July 27th-31st) Pirates
Yo ho ho and a bottle of… water! Though most pirates are scoundrels and scallywags, the crews that sail the Spicy Seas are more into the pirate aesthetic than any actual pillaging or plundering. Nevertheless, we gather to share tales of the high seas and perhaps even a sea shanty or two during this most piratical of weeks.
Week 8 (August 3rd-7th) Greek Gods
Zeus has grown bored with the usually Olympic games and has challenged Athena and Hercules to develop a new set of competitions for the gods and mortals to challenge each other. Will these new events please the god of thunder or will the lightning bolts fly?
Week 9 (August 10th-14th) Enchanted Forest
Merlin has returned to seek the help of the various magical creature than inhabit these woods. From fairies to goblins to dragons, all will need to lend a hand if Merlin is to win the day.
Week 10 (August 17th-21st) Superheroes
Last summer we learned that Campman would soon be visited by a representative of the World Super-Camp Association, who oversees the licensing of all superhero camps. Will Campman pass this inspection? Will the camp remain accredited? And how does this inspection tie all 10 weeks of camp together? Answers, and probably more questions, abound in this amazingly uncanny and fantastically incredible week.
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