Summer Camp

Weekly Themes 2019

Week 1: June 17th-21st  Storybooks
Explore your favorite stories during this fun-filled week. Timmy and Suzy are returning to once again work on their summer reading list.  Luckily, our campers are on hand to take on the roles of their favorite characters and bring them to life.
Week 2: June 24th-28th  Castles
King John is seeking a new royal advisor.  Join us as he learns about the various roles that people play within his kingdom, from blacksmiths to merchants, jesters to farmers.  All will be eligible to apply for the position, but who will be chosen to advise the king?
Week 3: July 1st-3rd  Colonies
Legend has it that in the days leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin led the Continental Congress to the safety of the woods of the Princeton Meeting.  Join us as we recreate that historic meeting that led to the creation of our country.  Please note: Due to the camp being closed on July 4th and 5th, this week will be pro-rated.
Week 4: July 8th-12th  Superheroes
When we last left our fearless hero, Campman had discovered that his trusted sidekick was, in fact, the nefarious trickster Loki.  Without a sidekick, Campman turns to the newly formed League of Extraordinary Counselors for help in his crusade to safeguard camp.  But who will determines the membership of the league, and how might this spell Campman's doom?  Find out, this July!!!
Week 5: July 15th-19th  Enchanted Forest
Merlin the Magnificent has discovered a magical forest where unicorns and centaurs roam freely and elves trade gems and tiles with trolls and gnomes. Join us for this new theme set firmly in the fantasy worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien and others, minus the politics and warfare.
Week 6: July 22nd-26th  Music
This beloved theme returns once again to Princeton Friends.  Pop, rock, country, rap, and even Gregorian chant, are just a few of the possible genres to be explored in this week of songs and dances.  As campers explore the various styles and artists, they prepare for a concert performed for parents later in the week.  Join us and find out why Music Week is one of our most popular themes.
Week 7: July 29th- August 2nd  Myths and Legends
Zeus has grown tired of hanging out on Mt. Olympus with only his family for company.  To help shake things up, he sent out invitations to all of the neighboring pantheons and has hopes that he will be visited by Egyptian, Polynesian, Asian, African, Norse, Native American, and other gods and goddesses from around the world.  Who knows what will happen when these beings descend upon the woods at PFC, but we're certain it will be exciting!
Week 8: August 5th-9th  Holidays
Holidays are celebrated world over, but how many of us know about the traditions and celebrations that take place outside of our own communities?  Join us as we explore the four seasons of the year through the holidays celebrated by a wide-range of cultures.  Perhaps we'll inspire some new traditions along the way!
Week 9: August 12th-16th  Wild West
Things have been pretty peaceful in the quiet town of Quaker Gulch.  Mayor Dirk Gumpshun has long since rounded up the last of the One-Eyed Jack bandits, and everyone has recovered from the Gem Rush a few years back.  Rumors have started of a new gang of rascals in the area, but will these rumors prove to be true or just a tall tale?
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