Throughout the day and throughout the year, Princeton Friends School’s values and mission are expressed through the school’s program and curriculum, through its educational philosophy and practice, and through its culture and ethos. Our shared vision manifests itself in the life of the school in the following ways:

  • our faith in each student’s capacity to learn, combined with our commitment to address individual learning needs and styles within a supportive, non-competitive academic environment;
  • our interdisciplinary curriculum organized around a common theme, planned and carried out collaboratively across the grades through direct, hands-on experiences;
  • our emphasis on community, including regular mixing of students across grade levels, all-school projects and events that celebrate both our diversity and commonality, an expectation of ethical and civil behavior on the part of children and adults, and an inclusive process of decision-making that honors individual voices, the needs of various constituencies, and the welfare of the community as a whole;
  • our commitment to community service, local and global human rights, peaceful resolution of conflict, and environmental stewardship;
  • a spirit of simplicity and gratitude infusing all that we do.
A progressive, Quaker day school welcoming students in Pre-K through 8th grade to our historic Princeton campus nestled in the woods.