Summer Camp

Weekly Themes 2017

Week 1: June 19th-23rd  Storybooks
Two young siblings, Timmy and Suzy, go on an adventure through some of their favorite storybooks (told by our very own campers) as they learn valuable lessons and an appreciation for stories.

Week 2: June 26th-30th  Great Civilizations
Explore great civilizations of the past as they are called together by a mysterious time traveler who wants to learn from them in order to better the present.

Week 3: July 5th-7th  Wild West
It’s our rootinest-tootinest week of the whole summer!  The One-Eyed Jack bandits are on the loose and it’s up to retired federal marshal Dirk Gumpshun to solve the mystery with the help of his friends.

Week 4: July 10th-14th  Superheroes
Campman returns once again to help the superheroes of tomorrow learn how to prepare for their careers in super-heroics.  Rumor has it that the nefarious Camper X has been spotted lurking about the woods, but no one has been able to confirm this.  Will Camper X return?  Can Campman prevent him from wreaking havoc?  Find out during Superheroes Week!

Week 5: July 17th-21st  Castles
King John, The First of His Name, is calling together members of the various guilds within the kingdom to celebrate and trade.  

Week 6: July 24th-28th  Music
This annual camp favorite returns once again so that we can explore the various genres of music found around the world and prepare for our Music Week Concert.  Don’t worry, if you’re not a musician, everyone gets to have fun and join in as we make music and perhaps a few jokes along the way.

Week 7: July 31st-August 4th  The Body
It takes a lot of coordination for the various organs of the body to work together efficiently and the Big Brain needs all the help he can get.  Find out what happens when the body needs to respond to an invasion from mysterious creatures as we work together to fight off the infection.

Week 8: August 7th-11th  Myths and Legends
From Greek gods to Norse mythology and any other pantheon you can imagine, all myths and legends are welcome this week as we hold our annual camp Olympics to honor all of the heroes both mortal and immortal alike.

Week 9: August 14th-18th  Habitats
We’ll travel from the depths of the ocean to the heights of the tallest mountains and everywhere in between as creatures from around the world come together to discuss the challenges faced in different habitats.
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