Welcome, Kofi Obeng!

Princeton Friends School
Dear Friends,
I am thrilled to announce that Kofi Obeng has been hired as the new Director of Student Life for the 2022-23 school year.  Kofi comes to PFS with 8 years of experience in educational settings. He served as an American Studies and Globalization Teacher and Diversity Associate at the Fenn School in Boston, MA, was the Coordinator of Multicultural Programming and Youth Partnerships at the Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon, and most recently served as the Director of Student Life at the Wildwood School in Los Angeles. He is now returning home to the East Coast with his wife Daphne and dog Coconut. He looks forward to continuing his professional journey at a Friends school. He grew to know and love the core principles while earning his B.A. in Psychology from the Quaker institution, Guilford College. As a lifelong learner, Kofi is earning a Master's in Educational Leadership and Policy from Boston College.
Thank you to our search committee, Daniel Potter, Abby Botts, Herve Thomas, Sarah Slaiman, and Anthony Jones, for their leadership and time throughout the process. Thank you, as well, to the many parents, faculty, alums, trustees, and students who interviewed Kofi and offered compelling feedback. Here is just a snippet of what they had to say.
A teacher wrote, "Hearing him speak about his approach and his challenges, I see him as capable and competent in what he would offer the students at PFS, while also offering a calm and insightful perspective for faculty." 
An administrator wrote, "He has a wealth of experience and expertise that would be an asset to the role at PFS. We need him on our team." 
A trustee shared, "He has a thoughtful and intentional way about him that would help him be a wonderful ambassador.  And, I believe he would bring people of all ages and roles together through meaningful discussion, debate, and understanding. He would be a bridge builder for PFS." 
A parent offered, "Kofi has the knowledge and experience to help move PFS's DEIB needle in a meaningful way. I believe he has the temperament and the personal style that the community will embrace. Kofi is the one." 
And perhaps, most importantly, a student shared, "He's really cool. You should hire him."
Kofi will begin this appointment this summer. In his opening letter he wrote:
"My upbringing as a first-generation American and travel experiences enables me to understand different cultures. My aspirations are inspired by those I engage with locally and internationally. I have traveled extensively in the USA, Europe, Ghana and India. Through travels around the world, I have come to appreciate what makes individuals work together to accomplish their collective goals and the role of education in socio-economic mobility. These experiences inform my approach as a professional: global citizenship, critical thinking, digital literacy, and creative problem solving. As someone who internalizes the wisdom of those who came before me, with the adage "education can take you anywhere," I encourage individuals to create their own conception of "anywhere."
As the Director of Student Life, Kofi will take on the following roles and responsibilities:
  • ●  Serve on the administrative leadership team
  • ●  Coordinate equity initiatives and provide leadership in the areas of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)
  • ●  Oversee student discipline and provide support for classroom management
  • ●  Teach courses as assigned by the Head of School
  • ●  Provide insight on scheduling and instructional technology initiatives
  • ●  Serve on the DEIB steering committee
  • ●  Actively support the admissions process and serve as an admissions ambassador
  • ●  Foster and provide opportunities for student leadership
  • ●  Provide professional development workshops for faculty and staff, as appropriate 
Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Kofi to Princeton Friends School. There will be opportunities, once he is on campus, for our community to gather and for you to get to know him better.
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