We are Princeton Friends School – a progressive and Quaker preschool to 8th grade learning community where young people engage their natural curiosity to gain core knowledge, acquire life skills, express their voices, passions, and gifts, and develop responsibility for themselves and service to others. Here, children are known, respected, challenged, and loved.

The magic is in the everyday joy of learning that vibrates through our classrooms; the atmosphere of trust, openness, collaboration, and kindness; the peaceful, woodland environment where children discover and revel in being scientists, explorers, artists, and – well – children.

We invite you to visit Princeton Friends School and experience it for yourself. Attend one of our Open Houses, contact the Admissions office directly, or fill out a short inquiry form. We’re eager to show you what a difference one school can make!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Who is served best by Princeton Friends School?

    Our school community meets the needs of many children. We look for students who are kind, who have open, curious, and generous minds and hearts, and who would thrive in an engaged, vibrant, and rich learning community.
  • Q: What is a Friends School? Is Princeton Friends School a religious school?

    There are over 80 Friends or Quaker schools across the U.S. and more in the world. Though differing in size or program, all Friends schools offer a unique combination of academic excellence and attention to the human potential within each of us. Quaker schools do not seek to inculcate a certain set of beliefs, but instead asks each student to look deeply and intentionally at all facets of human life, from the intellectual to the social to the spiritual. Thus, at Princeton Friends School, we do not hold religious classes, but our Quaker roots and values – simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship – infuse all that we study and consider.
  • Q: At what age do we begin preschool?

    We begin our preschool Beginning School program at age 4. While we do not have a set cut-off date, we believe that children who turn 4 years old before the end of October are best served by our Beginning School program. No matter what the age, each child is assessed by our teachers to see if he or she would be well-served by our classroom structure and program.
  • Q: Do we serve children with learning differences?

    At Princeton Friends School, we believe that some children benefit from a slightly different approach to learning, whether it’s in the form of a shift in curriculum, or a smaller one-on-one class, or additional accommodations in the classroom. Depending on a child’s learning needs, our Learning Support Program (LSP) can provide some of these services. During the admissions process, children and parents who are interested in LSP services consult with our learning support coordinator and may require some additional testing. Learning support classes and services often have a fee.

Meet the Admissions Team

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    Robbin Smart 

    Director of Strategic Enrollment Management & Financial Aid
    (609) 683-1194 x53
  • Photo of Jian Smith

    Jian Smith 

    Registrar, Data Systems Manager, and Administrative Assistant
    (609) 683-1194 x38
“One of the most striking aspects of this school is the interactions between the adults and student and how everyone knows everyone. Some of my fondest PFS memories are just talking with Pete about current events, or discussing comic books with Jimmy, or the latest science news with Brian. The sense of community permeates the school deeply.”
-Rahul Palnitkar, PFS Class of 2014
A progressive, Quaker day school welcoming students in Pre-K through 8th grade to our historic Princeton campus nestled in the woods.