"To teach in a manner that respects and cares for the souls of our students is essential if we are to provide the necessary conditions where learning can most deeply and intimately begin." 

- Bell Hooks, Teaching to Transgress

List of 12 members.

  • Photo of Abby Botts

    Abby Botts 

    School Counselor and Secondary School Placement Coordinator
    (609) 683-1194 x60
  • Photo of Amelia Becker

    Amelia Becker 

    6th-8th Grade Advisor & Teacher
    609-683-1194 x51
  • Photo of Barbara Downing

    Barbara Downing 

    Business Office Assistant
    (609) 683-1194 x17
  • Photo of Bhumi Patel

    Bhumi Patel 

    6th-8th Grade Advisor & Math Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x47
  • Photo of Bota Temirbayeva

    Bota Temirbayeva 

    4th/5th Grade Advisor, English Teacher & Learning Support Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x55
  • Photo of Courtney Braconi

    Courtney Braconi 

    Director of Summer Camps & Auxiliary Programs
    (609) 683-1194 x40
  • Photo of Courtney "Pinky" Mendenhall

    Courtney "Pinky" Mendenhall 

    ASP Teacher
    609-683-1194 x28
  • Photo of Daniel Potter

    Daniel Potter 

    6th-8th Grade Advisor and Music & Math Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x30
  • Photo of Don Stryker

    Don Stryker 

    Maintenance Assistant
    (609) 683-1194 x29
  • Photo of Drew Greenspan

    Drew Greenspan 

    2nd Grade Advisor
    609-683-1194 x20
  • Photo of Dylan Fruh

    Dylan Fruh 

    Art Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x18
  • Photo of Eleanor Rock

    Eleanor Rock 

    1st & 2nd Grade Assistant

List of 12 members.

  • Photo of Elisha Jones

    Elisha Jones 

    School Nurse
    (609) 683-1194 x54
  • Photo of Firoozeh Wilson

    Firoozeh Wilson 

    Camp Co-Director
    (609) 683-1194 x50
  • Photo of Hervé Thomas

    HervĂ© Thomas 

    Registrar and School Technologist
    (609) 683-1194
  • Photo of James Robinson

    James Robinson 

    Beginning School Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x56
  • Photo of James Zimmerman

    James Zimmerman 

    ASP Coordinator
    (609) 683-1194 x28
  • Photo of Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith 

    Property Manager
    (609) 683-1194 x70
  • Photo of Jessica Carabelli

    Jessica Carabelli 

    Beginning School Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x56
  • Photo of Jessica Hurwitz

    Jessica Hurwitz 

    1st Grade Advisor
    (609) 683-1194 x23
  • Photo of Kyle Maryland

    Kyle Maryland 

    ASP & Substitute Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x28
  • Photo of Melissa Carroll

    Melissa Carroll 

    Head of School
    (609) 683-1194 x13
  • Photo of Melissa Marinari

    Melissa Marinari 

    Spanish, Central Study & History Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x31
  • Photo of Melody Tung

    Melody Tung 

    Mandarin Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x71

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Patrick Lynch

    Patrick Lynch 

    4th-8th Grade Science Teacher & Cross Country Coach
    (609) 683-1194 x37
  • Photo of Ronah Harris

    Ronah Harris 

    Robotics and Coding Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x37
  • Photo of Samantha Kirkenir

    Samantha Kirkenir 

    Schoolhouse Manager
    (609) 683-1194 x12
  • Photo of Sarah Slaiman

    Sarah Slaiman 

    Director of Advancement
    609-683-1194 x32
  • Photo of Saurora Mirkin

    Saurora Mirkin 

    4th/5th Grade Advisor & English Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x46
  • Photo of Silvia Estrada

    Silvia Estrada 

    Spanish Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x52
  • Photo of Stephanie Morris

    Stephanie Morris 

    3rd Grade Advisor
    (609) 683-1194 x42
  • Photo of Susan Miller

    Susan Miller 

    Administrative Assistant
    (609) 683-1194 x57
  • Photo of Suzy Dwyer

    Suzy Dwyer 

    6th-8th Grade Advisor & English/CS/History Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x33
  • Photo of Todd Paige

    Todd Paige 

    Math & Outdoor Education Teacher
  • Photo of Tracy Patton

    Tracy Patton 

    Learning Support Coordinator/Teacher & Gardening Teacher
    (609) 683-1194 x19
A progressive, Quaker day school welcoming students in Pre-K through 8th grade to our historic Princeton campus nestled in the woods.

Princeton Friends School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy applies to, but is not limited to, educational policies, admission, financial aid, hiring and employment practices, use of school facilities, athletics, and other school-administered programs.