Welcome To The PFS Family Association!

At PFS the grown-ups in our students’ lives are vital members of the PFS community.  As a small school we benefit tremendously from a dynamic community of adults who learn from one another, donate their imagination, energy, time, and expertise to support the students, faculty, and staff.  Throughout the history of PFS, Parental and Other Supportive Adult involvement have been key to the building and continued success of the school. 
Each Family is a member of the Family Association – we are here for you!. There are many ways to get involved and contribute at a level that fits your schedule and interests from joining in a dialogue-based group to volunteering at one-off events to leading a committee.  Volunteering is a great way to meet other grown-ups, to help shape our school environment, and to enjoy being part of this community. We guarantee a good time, peer support, and a few laughs!
For more information, please email us at FA@princetonfriends.org.

Family Association Sponsored Events

Wednesdays are times for Grown-Upseach Wednesday adults from our students’ families join together on zoom at 8:15 a.m. (call in or join on a computer).  Our formal Family Association Meeting which discusses plans and creates opportunities for all community involvement is held on the second Wednesday of every month.  The other Wednesdays our Parenting Group Meets.
Parenting Group:   The Parenting Group meets every Wednesday (with the exception of the 2nd Wednesday when the Family Association meets), the group is designed to provide an opportunity to discuss the woes and grows of the art of parenting.  It is designed for any grown-up who plays this role in our students' lives.  The content of each session is driven by those in attendance – need some advice?  Want to discuss an issue from in or out of school?  Need to laugh with others?  Want someone’s (virtual) shoulder to cry on?  Come join us on zoom at 8:15 a.m.
The Parenting Group announces a weekly Watching, Listening, Reading series to share what’s been on our minds. All ideas are welcome (see below for more on how to share)! This series, which came out of our weekly parent group, offers three online items we are encouraging the community to check out, the aim of which is to support the sharing of ideas that either relate to what our young people are learning in school and doing in their classes or are on our minds as citizens, parents, thinkers, and doers!
The Family Association also Leads Family Driven Efforts around:
Start of School Celebrations: We collaborate with the administration and faculty to provide opportunities for gathering, and community development as the school year opens.
Faculty & Staff Appreciation: In addition to sponsoring two meals and giving holiday gifts, the FA coordinates monthly potluck brunches for the faculty and staff on the first Wednesday of the month, and provides innovative ways to show our appreciation throughout the year. 

Fundraising: Each year the Family Association Commits to raising $20,000 that can be used by the school to augment their practice as usual.  We do this through a series of on-going fundraisers including
Frolics are a long-standing tradition at PFS and involve social gatherings and activities for PFS families outside usual school hours. Past examples include a Singing of Holiday Carols Frolic in downtown Princeton, An Evening with Music & Wine at someone’s home or A Let’s Go Fishing Frolic held at a local lake.  We are eager for new ideas and opportunities to learn from and enjoy each other!
Spring Fling! We've shifted our attention from the Spring Fling fundraiser last year to directly raising funds for the emergent needs the PFS community faces. Your support will assist PFS' teachers, its families, and the school overcome the myriad challenges posed by COVID-19. Visit the Spring Fling website here.
Upcycling: Every November, the FA has traditionally hosed the Gently Used Sale.  It was a time to score great deals on gently used items from clothes to toys to furniture.  This year we have moved to an online format that allows the PFS community to make items available to other members of the community.  All proceeds benefit the school.

HAVE AN IDEA?  We welcome them!  Many of you have children in other schools where other traditions exist for fundraising and community building.

We welcome new ways to support our school, so don’t be shy!

Family Association Events

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