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Facilities Manager

Oversees the physical operation and maintenance of the entire property and its infrastructure in order to provide a safe, functional, and sustainable environment for all members of the School community. Supports the mission, standards, and policies of the School and ensures the School’s compliance with all entities having jurisdiction.



Physical Plant

  • Manages the physical operation of the School
  • Performs all hands-on work not covered by school employees and outside vendors
  • Supervises the School’s maintenance and cleaning programs
  • Generates and manages the annual budget and the budget for the School’s special projects, long-term maintenance and replacement program
  • Maintains records and submits required reports to ensure School compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and laws regarding environmental, health, safety and maintenance standards
  • Develops specifications, issues RFP’s and reviews bids for all outside contractual work
  • Manages the work of all outside contractors to ensure compliance with contractual agreements, insurance requirements and budgetary restrictions
  • Serves as construction manager
  • Supervises and works collaboratively with facilities assistant


Administrative Support

  • Serves as staff support for the PFS Facilities Committee
  • Assists in the development and execution of the School’s environmental sustainability policies
  • Assists in the development and maintenance of the School’s safety and security policies
  • Provides facilities support for school events and programs
  • Contributes expertise to curricular programs such as arts electives, community service and outreach, and special programs
  • Manages the School’s facility rentals


Interested applicants should send resumes to Melissa Carroll, Head of School.

Princeton Friends School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strives to comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination. Princeton Friends School in recognition of its values and responsibility to its employees, prospective employees, parents, and students is committed to equality of opportunity and a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. This policy reflects the School’s intent that all personnel policies and practices be administered without regard to race, religion, color, sex/gender, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, uniform service member status, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, protected medical condition, disability or any other protected status in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.