At Princeton Friends School, diversity is not only what we do.  It's who we are.

We come from all walks of life – different neighborhoods, different countries, different families – and we treasure all the richness that this diversity brings to our school community, to our classrooms, and to our playgrounds.

Our program and curriculum reflect a global view, from our multicultural literature offerings to in-depth study of countries and cultures in our Central Study classes to instruction in both Spanish and Mandarin beginning in pre-K. To further our commitment to building community, parents, teachers, and administrators gather on a regular basis to raise and discuss issues of diversity.

In recent years, we have supported between one-quarter and one-third of our student body with tuition aid, by setting aside at least 13.5% of our operating budget for tuition assistance. Last year, approximately 38% of our students were of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Latino descent and 6% came from Quaker families.
"Academic diversity is important because diversity strengthens all of us, the already successful as much as the yet to be.  As it is in the natural world, variation in our school populations is a source of hope and possibility.  A cross-pollination of understanding, of ways of seeing and being in the world, strengthens all of us."
- Nancy Starmer, "Toward a Quaker Pedagogy"
A progressive, Quaker day school welcoming students in Pre-K through 8th grade to our historic Princeton campus nestled in the woods.