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Friends Education

Princeton Friends School is one of nearly 100 Quaker schools in the United States, 45 of which are clustered in the greater Philadelphia area, and all of which draw upon a tradition of Quaker faith and practice that stretches back more than 300 years.

Friends schools believe that education is preparation for the whole of life: the lively development of intellectual, physical, and social-emotional capacities, as well as those of the spirit. Friends school teachers are facilitators of the learning process, using dialogue, reflection, and inquiry as tools that promote learning and the search for truth in the classroom. The Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship are deeply embedded in our curricula and school culture. Diversity is embraced, and conflicts are resolved through thoughtful listening and active engagement with different perspectives. Students develop the courage to stand up for their beliefs and work actively to serve their community and the world, what Quakers call “letting one’s life speak.” They learn that all of life resonates with meaning.

For more information on Friends Schools, visit the website of
The Friends Council on Education, a professional organization that connects Quaker schools across the United States.