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Welcome from Shu Shu

Dear friends,

The word I hear most often from parents describing Princeton Friends School is “magic.” What is it that draws laughing children to race across the stone terrace to their classrooms? That engages a child to ponder deeply a line of poetry or a line of ants? That inspires children to challenge a teacher’s toothpick bridge, reach out to seniors in community service, or collaborate thoughtfully on a U.S. History project? What is it that allows children to sit quietly each week in meditative silence, or speak softly from the deepest place in their hearts?

At Princeton Friends School, we are deeply committed to creating a diverse, vibrant learning community in which young people engage their natural curiosity, discover and express their voices and gifts, acquire new ideas and skills, and develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. Here, children are well known, respected, challenged, and loved. The magic is in the everyday joy of learning; the peaceful, woodland environment where children are happy to be children; the exhilaration of discovery when a teacher and student share ideas that lead them both to a new understanding; the bond between an older student and a younger partner as they collaborate on an all-school activity; the satisfaction of reaching and stretching for something new, whether it’s another rung on the playground bars, a different way to solve a math problem, or a new friend.

I invite you to visit Princeton Friends School and see the magic for yourself. Attend one of our Open Houses or call my office to schedule a personal tour. Call 609-683-1194, extension 44, or email us at

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family!

With warm regards,

Shu Shu Costa
Assistant Head & Director of Admissions
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